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Editorial Draft-Cynicalwordsmith

One Teen’s, “How dare you!” Ignites Movement, Action, and Controversy Everywhere It is evident in today’s society the ongoing push from people all around the world, many of them youths, to act in the fight to fix climate change; or … Continue reading

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Editorial Draft- ajuuy7

What Will The Supreme Court Say About New York’s Gun Control Laws? The gun control debate has been controversial for years now. The Supreme Court gets back in business and has multiple major cases to look at, one of them … Continue reading

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Editorial Draft – Tenere84

The NBA is Censoring Criticism of the Chinese Government—And it’s Entirely Un-American The “NBA Cares” about human rights—unless money is involved, of course. While civil unrest between the Chinese government and Hong Kong protesters have worsened, China’s anti-protest influence in … Continue reading

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Editorial Draft – lovericeandnoodles

The senator of New Jersey Cory Booker rolled out amazing policy proposals on Thursday to significantly reduce child poverty. Booker has a plan to give a monthly allowance of around $300 to most families with young children. By doing this, … Continue reading

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Editorial Draft – VoxPopuli

China’s tyrannical Intrusion into Hong Kong China’s Ever Growing Grip on Hong Kong Unrest in Hong Kong stayed high for yet another month as China’s authoritarian grip over Hong Kong tightened as the world moved into October. The pro-democracy demonstrations … Continue reading

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