A04: Editorial Rewrite

Your fourth writing assignment is the rewrite of your third: an Editorial Rewrite that responds to feedback from your instructor, your classmates, your trusted advisers, or the free student tutors at the Writing Center.

Here’s the schedule:

  • TUE-THU class:
    • Deadline 11:59PM MON OCT 13
  • MON-WED class:
    • Deadline 11:59PM SUN OCT 12

To complete the assignment, you’ll publish a New Post, and save it to two categries (A04: Editorial Rewrite, and your username).

What Happens Next
Since you’ve already received feedback on your A03: Editorial assignment, you’ll start immediately to improve your editorial without further interference. However, for students who request it after doing substantial revisions themselves, I will be delighted to engage in additional feedback sessions in person or through the established blog practice of responding to requests for “feedback please.” Feedback begins with general and structural comments (many of which you have received), then graduates to the specific and detailed. We’ll save grammar, spelling, and sentence structure corrections to the end, once we’re fairly certain your letter is stable, at least for now. Revisions can and should continue even after next week’s posting deadline.

You will receive a numerical grade (translatable to a letter grade) following the posting of your A04. Until your argument achieves a letter grade of C, you’ll be told it’s Not Ready for Portfolio. Once it’s good enough to earn a C, it will be deemed Portfolio Ready, but always still improvable. You’ll have until early December to make it the best it can be.

  • Post in the new A04: Editorial Rewrite category, and your username
  • Give your Editorial a Title
  • Failure to post the assignment on time will result in a grade of 0/100.
  • Shorter Arguments grade category (20%)
  • TUE-THU class:
    • Deadline 11:59PM MON OCT 13
    • MON-WED class:
    • Deadline 11:59PM SUN OCT 12

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