Robust Verbs-smellycat

Vancouver has a huge problem with heroin addicts committing crimes that support their drug addictions. Heroin users specifically, will go to extreme measures to get the awful drug. Crime rates are high because of heroin users from them breaking and entering and stealing often. Addicts struggle going through their day to day lives and because they are using, it negatively impacts their jobs, interactions, and relationships. Programs such as, “free heroin for addicts” are trying their hardest to help addicts by providing heroin to them. Giving addicts heroin will decrease the crime rates of Vancouver and free up space at hospitals. These addicts will be out of the public’s way and off the streets. Less time on the streets means less time committing minor crimes. This will also keep the heroin users out of the hospital. Hospitals should not have to deal with people that want to use bad drugs or unsanitary needles. Heroin users cannot afford hospital bills and have difficulty coping without the drug. This program gives people free heroin in the cleanest way possible. Giving addicts heroin will eventually lower the crime rates of Vancouver.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    This reads exactly as if you “fixed” each sentence one by one and didn’t read the result. Better sentences for the most part but not a good paragraph.


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