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Social Media Ruining Architecture?

In Alexandra Lange’s September 7th, 2019 article “Is Instagram Ruining Architecture?“, Lange expresses an imprecise argument on the fact of Instagram personally affecting the importance of architecture world wide. Although, posting pictures on Instagram is inevitable, most people are still visiting architectural land marks to gain knowledge and experience rather than likes on social media. Architectures have been around for many years and are being portrayed as social objects throughout society, but I’m contradicting Ms. Lange for the fact being there are still millions of people enjoying the true aspect of architecture rather than the lone fact of usage on social media.

Personally, I have journeyed to Williamsburg, VA with my family to encounter the architecture of the American Revolution during the 1600’s. Honestly, I took many pictures to indent the beautiful scenery that surrounded me into my memories, but the urge to post it to social media didn’t overcome the time I spent with family and the history that layed beneath me. Architecture is more than just a picture, its a way of life. Lange’s argument is that people see these posts and believe that they obtained the same information as if they ventured to the location and because of that, people don’t visit these architectures as done in past times . Lange’s argument is flat out inaccurate as I know many teachers, friends and family that dream of or have already achieved dreams of exploring architecture throughout different cultures.

If all world travelers continue to seek out their goals of seeing the world, architecture will continue to thrive at its best and true meaning of these passion filled places will be never be replaced. We can’t listen to Lange and agree with her argument of us humans turning into “sheep’s” when it comes to architecture just because people view Instagram posts and think they know what there seeing when really they don’t. There are still many world travelers and there will always be because imagination and dreams can’t be fulfilled through social media.

As much as I love social media, as many agree, I don’t believe architecture will be minimized to the point where people will view post on something and think, “I’ve seen enough. I don’t need visit that place in person”.

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