Vaping has gained a massive following and many may say it has become mainstream. Vaping has gained popularity and is a continuing trend despite the adverse effects that have been linked to it. Dozens, even hundreds of patients are showing up at hospitals with vaping-related illnesses and several have even died. Their symptoms typically involve severe shortness of breath and in many cases patients have been put onto ventilators as a result. A majority of patients are teenagers and adults in their early 20s which is truly alarming given that such symptoms have not previously appeared at this rate in such a young demographic.

The FDA and health investigators are now attempting to find the specific cause of these illnesses. The problem is believed to be caused not by the nicotine or THC found in these vaporing devices. Rather, it is the solvents, which are not regulated by the FDA, that are the likely cause of these symptoms. Despite the lack of regulation present in the industry, vaping is still considered to be “much safer” than cigarettes. A possible cause that is common amongst those patients that have been hospitalized is the presence of Vitamin E oils in the vaping oils the patients consumed. This specific oil is not intended to be heated up in vaporizing devices but is used anyways. Dr. Scott Gottlieb believes the cause of these sudden hospitalizations is due to something that has been newly introduced into these products as such high numbers of illnesses had not been previously reported. This issue has been referred as an epidemic by many due to the massive popularity of the vaping trend. The trend has without a doubt caused hundreds of hospitalizations which sharply contrasts the industry’s claim that vaping is beneficial to the public health.

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