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LTE for Portfolio

To the editor: In Michael R. Bloomberg and Matt Myers September 10th, 2019 article, “Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes to Protect Our Children“, Bloomberg and Myers start off with the flavors of e-cigarette vape that attract and target kids. Targeting teenagers to … Continue reading

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Editorial For Portfolio – Bane1900

In the world of music, rappers’ careers are one of the most idolized by young people. Many up and coming artists get swept away with the fame, but that usually ends up in many legal problems later on in their … Continue reading

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Editorial for Portfolio – thefrontbottom

Women Don’t Deserve Healthcare, Right? Why are politicians fighting to gut adequate reproductive healthcare for women? The fact it’s even on the table is inhumane. Women should not have to fight to gain access to reproductive care and removing their … Continue reading

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Editorial for Portfolio-MPSJ

A cell phone lock up system called Yondr that has become popular among celebrity performers could solve the growing cell phone problem of Broadway. In recent years, celebrities like Brendon Urie and Colleen Ballinger have taken to the stage and … Continue reading

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Editorial for Portfolio- andrewbecharaa

An Ongoing BattlePsychiatrists along with psychologists have been working together to find ways to cope with mental illness, as well as treatment methods. The field of mental health being so broad and complex, gave way for the development of many … Continue reading

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Op-ed Draft – Aaron Borchert

President’s Rights For the United States of America, having an intelligent, powerful, respected, devoted, and most importantly a strong vision for the nation’s future. But who the nation chooses to be president is what is important. Only one president of … Continue reading

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Op-Ed Draft – Bane1900

Take Me Out To The Ball Game Walking into a baseball stadium, fans are overwhelmed with the smell of roasting peanuts, the flashing of cameras, and the loud echoes of die-hard fans cheering on their team. Booing at a baseball … Continue reading

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