Practice Op-Ed- ahntkd99

Facial Recognition is not good for us because our privacy is not protected and we feel like someone always watch us. Face recognition technology is being used to unlock phones, clear customs, identify immigrants and solve crimes. We argues that while this convenient technology may seem benign to those who feel they have nothing to hide, face recognition is something we should all fear. Police databases now feature the faces of nearly half of Americans — most of whom have no idea their image is there. The invasive technology violates citizens’ constitutional rights and is subject to an alarming level of manipulation and bias. Our privacy, our right to anonymity in public and our right to free speech are in danger. Congress must declare a national moratorium on the use of face-recognition technology until legal restrictions limiting its use and scope can be developed. Without restrictions on face recognition, America’s future is closer to a Chinese-style surveillance state than we’d like to think. The problem of facial face recognition is good and convenient, but I don’t agree because there are many bad perceptions.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Most of these sentences are copied and pasted from the original source documents without quotation marks.


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