Peer Review Editorials

Task: Peer Review of First Drafts

This task was assigned on the Agenda for Class 11: TUE OCT 08
Link back for more details.

  • After you’ve tagged your three pieces and we have a chance to see which drew them most attention, we’ll return to the posts for peer review and analysis.
  • Critique each of the three posts you’ve tagged.
  • Be polite but blunt. Lavish praise where it is warranted and critique where criticism is needed.
  • On Target:
    • You may critique the argument for logic, relevance, and persuasiveness.
    • You may critique the rhetoric and style for effectiveness or ineffectiveness.
    • You may critique the organization and the sequencing of claims.
  • Off Target:
    • “Too little evidence” is NEVER an appropriate critique. Editorials don’t have room to contain their evidence.
    • You may not critique the author’s opinions, personality, maturity, or fitness to be an editorial writer.
    • In other words, no ad hominem attacks. Stick to critiquing the work.
  • DEADLINE: If you attended today’s class but did not finish your critiques, you have until THU OCT 10 at class time to complete the task.
  • DEADLINE: If you were absent for today’s class, you have until THU OCT 10 at class time to complete the task.

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