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In support of their drug addiction, Vancouver heroin users are resorting to crime to make ends meet. Daily activities such as employment, social interactions, and basic relationships are difficult to maintain by heroin users, and it is now taking a toll on the rest of society. Heroin addicts will do whatever they have to do to keep using, such as breaking and entering and stealing. These crimes are extremely detrimental to the city, however, there is a new program hoping to aid the addicts. The “Free Heroin For Addicts” program wants to provide the drug to the users, in turn keeping them off the streets and reducing crime. This program will also keep the heroin users out of the hospital, as addicts do not have the money to pay for the bills. Although this program holds decent intentions, it won’t fix the crisis of the actual addiction. It is only trying to save the city from rising crime rates that affect the rest of society.

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