writing plan- kraemercali

1. Thesis Statement

Modernization of the NCAA is eminent, and student athletes just got the vote to profit off of their own image and likeliness.

2. Background and Evidence

Governor Gavin Newsom of California signed a piece of legislation that allows college athletes to profit in the state. Other states began to follow. The vote to move away from the tradition of the school making all the money off of student athletes images was unanimous and will be put in place no later than January 2021. Of course there will be detailed guidelines of how students may profit, and they are not yet clarified by the NCAA.

“Just treat athletes like others on campus.” This quote comes from the article and I couldn’t disagree more. The Bath- Dole Act signed by Jimmy Carter, allows universities to basically have their share of profits resulting from federal funding for research. The writer is trying to adopt this model into athletics, having the revenue of an athlete split three way between athlete, athletic department, and campus.

3. Sources I Have Found

4. Sources I Haven’t Found Yet

I need to find counterarguments on someone claiming student athletes shouldn’t be compensated, specifically from someone working in the college realm for better reliability. I also need to research more opinions from athletes, current and former, to form my opinion better and get their perspective as these athletes are on the biggest stage you can get in college.

5. Counterarguments I Need to Refute

I will need to refute the claims that student athletes should not be compensated for their image an likeliness. I intend to find a passionate writing from someone who is biased against athletes and the “special” treatment they get. I will also have to argue against the idea of split revenue between athlete, athletic department, and campus.

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