Writing Plan — iamsleepy01

Topic: Breath Test Aims to Stop Drunk Driving

Thesis Statement: The Breath Test is not a reliable source to find out if a driver is drunk. Many drivers are getting arrested for the faulty machine that tracks our BAC level.

Background and Evidence: The Breath Test, most widely used forensic tools in law enforcement, generate numbers that can guarantee a driver’s punishment. In most states, if you refuse the test, you lose your license.

In recent years the New York Times has been investigating problems with the technology used to make these cases. The found that in more than 10,000 breath tests were thrown away by judges.


Sources I haven’t found:

  • How Breathalyzers work and how they measure if you are sober or not.
  • Stats on how many were wrongly arrested due to the machine
  • Why the police rely on the Breathalyzers and the reasons they use a unreliable sources to detect a drunk driver

Counterarguments I Need to Refute:

– The test is based off a machine that could have a error and could wrongly put innocent people to jail. People aren’t perfect, same with machines they people make the machines and could always a have small error. I don’t think there is going to be a reliable machine/source to arrest drunk drivers in the near future.

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