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These Tips Ain’t Right

Thesis: The tipping system in America should be scrapped based on the flawed incomes of waiters/waitresses and other tip accepting occupations by the fact of bias customers and poor equality.

Background and Evidence:

The well known tipping system located inside practically all restaurants, transportation services, etc. has been proven to be extremely flawed. Some sort of flat rate for the waitresses and waiters and other tip receiving positions should be induced into companies around the country. 

When you think of tips you tend to think of whether the service quality was good or bad before you give the tip, but that’s not the main issue here. The main issue is that the system that everyone knows and has learned is that you tip anywhere from 15%-30% of the bill. That may seem smart and respectful, but no it’s truly horrible. At that point employees are just getting money based off of the bill price of the people there giving their services too. So if a couple of two goes in to a local diner and get $20 worth of food then they are tipped 30% for great service they will be getting a $6 tip verse if that same couple went into a fancier restaurant and ordered $50 worth of food and didn’t like the service too much so they decided to give a 15% tip which is $7.50. Yes, it’s only a dollar fifty difference, but surely that will add up and in this situation it’s still the worst employee getting the better profit.  

Customers say they give the “Better Tip” to the better employee which is probably true, but two hard points prove the tip system to be completely flawed. The one above which is that it’s all about the bill price causing the system to be completely unfair as you can’t control how much or what they buy. The second huge point proving this system wrong is that employees tips are being affected by their religion, gender, skin color, looks, age,  etc. which many of those are completely out of one’s control. These two points prove that the tip system is immoral and we should follow the French system of “service compris” which is a non tip system which employees are paid regular to do the same job as others and earn equally and fairly.

Sources I Have Found:

The Tipping System is Immoral

Tips throughout all different industries including the restaurant, hotel, ubering/ lyft service industries, etc. have been given the wrong way for years. Tips are said to be determined by the enjoyment of the services provided, but they’re really being based off the price of the bill, gender of waiter/ waitress, and ethnicity. The higher the bill, the better the tip, which is bashing the possible excellent service being given. Same goes with different ethnicities and gender being discriminated by looks. Tips should be eliminated and a new flat rate system should be induced as the proper meaning of tips is being diminished.

Why is Tipping Wrong?

Job pay baselines are being raised in all industries including the fast food industry. There being improved to benefit the workers income and to give better money making opportunities for employees. While all jobs are required a minimum hourly rate to every employee, waiters/ waitresses and other job positions are being left out. This career is being shunned away from the improvements of pay while still being stuck in a flawed tipping system.

Polls Reveal Best And Worst Tippers

Different job positions have complete different tip possibilities. Some jobs even take tips that no one ever knew took them. But no matter what the job is or who works there they all have there fair share of bad tippers and good tippers. There are those certain types of people that are known to tip worse and there are also the type that are favorited when comes to tipping. These polls show why employees get angry and how the fairness of the tipping system is terrible because you can’t be guaranteed anything.

Sources I Have Not Found:

Searching for better information or articles on how exactly these employees feel about the pay and if they believe we would be better off with a “service compris” system or the current tip system induced.

Counter Arguments To Refute:

Career choice is a decision and if an employee doesn’t agree with the pay they can just quit and find a new job they agree with payment wise. There are also many waiters/ waitresses who make extreme bank off of their jobs.

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7 Responses to Writing Plan – Whosyourcookie

  1. davidbdale says:

    Keep working on this project, Cookie. Concentrate on the best ideas and the clearest evidence. You can make moral judgments. You can also make ethical recommendations backed by reason.

    You work too hard to sound . . . something . . . academic? Simple language is better. Direct claims are better. Complex ideas plainly expressed are best.

    Helpful at all?


  2. davidbdale says:

    It’s too early to critique your work for language use, Cookie. I’d prefer to see a thorough rewrite that shredded the original sentences and then critique THAT. But I have to object to this sentence because it violates several of the rules of “Better Left Unsaid.”

    There are those certain types of people that are known to tip worse and there are also the type that are favorited when comes to tipping.

    Get rid of “there are.”
    Get rid of “those types of people who.”
    Get rid of “when it comes to.”

    Some tip well, others poorly.


  3. davidbdale says:

    Background and Evidence.
    You say “some sort of flat rate” would solve the problem of . . . something, but in fact waiters do receive a flat rate, it just doesn’t happen to be sufficient unless supplemented by tips.

    Your argument that basing tips on the size of the bill is “truly horrible” is fairly compelling, but . . . the French system of “service compris” just means the tip is included. And it’s based on the size of the bill. If only there were a way to base the “tip” on the amount of trouble the customers caused! 🙂

    “Service compris” certainly eliminates the danger that age, race, or gender bias will be costly to the undervalued server, but it still undercompensates the overworked diner server whose average check might be $10.

    Wouldn’t a fair wage be better? Diners could still tip if they chose to, but the server would be fairly paid whether they did or not.


  4. davidbdale says:

    I like this idea, Cookie, but you can’t “get your idea across” if your Thesis Statement is unclear.

    The best lesson I can teach you in 15 weeks is how to be understood when you have something important to say. Let’s dissect your Thesis.

    The tipping system in America should be scrapped

    Mostly good. Tipping should be scrapped. But what’s the “tipping system”? Is it just the custom of leaving spare change to express appreciation for service? Or is it the “system” of calculating 20% of the size of a check? Or is it the law that establishes a two-tiered minimum wage for “tipped” and “untipped” workers? I think you mean the “practice of tipping to compensate for underpaid service workers” should be scrapped.

    based on the flawed incomes of waiters/waitresses and other tip accepting occupations

    This is unintelligible. There’s no obvious sense in which an income can be flawed.

    by the fact of bias customers and poor equality.

    You mean “biased customers,” but what do you mean by biased customers? And what could poor equality possibly mean?

    I’m going to try a version here:

    The practice of tipping service workers to compensate for sub-minimum pay should be replaced by a living wage for all, not subject to age, race, or gender bias.

    Now. Let’s decide. I can’t say I don’t get the point. I did, actually, I think, understand. And the idea is a solid one. But does it help make you more aware of the actual impact of your words to see them dissected this way? I do mean to be helpful.


    • Thank you Mister David! This feedback is very appreciated and extremely helpful. I completely understand what you are saying and will be making changes to the argument that will better express what i’m saying. Your thesis comments will help a lot as I have never been a good thesis writer no matter the situation.


  5. Can I please have some feedback! I know its very choppy and jumps around back and forth, but I’m planning to fix that when making the actual Op Ed. Was wondering if my point get across to you as a reader!


    • davidbdale says:

      Writing Plans don’t have to “flow,” Cookie. They can jump from source to source without transition. Individual sections should be coherent and clear, but they don’t have to “hold together” like an essay.


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