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Summary – Christopharo

The VP Oil Spill The trend of inhaling vaporized ingredients has captured many peoples interest, especially that of the younger generations. This Recent vaping product movement has put countless teens and young adults at serious risk with vaping related illnesses. … Continue reading

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LTE Draft – christopharocomp1

Video Games Don’t Cause Shootings. . . But They Don’t Prevent Them Either To the editor: In Kevin Draper’s August 5, 2019 article “Video Games Aren’t Why Shootings Happen. Politicians Still Blame Them”, he attacks an extremely modern theory that … Continue reading

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LTE Homework—christopharo

Joseph Henderson’s letter to the editor on September 03, “An Hourly Worker’s Questions for the President,” can be dissected into the 10 essential components. These 10 essential components are comprised of a citation, an objection, a clarification, credentials, a premise, … Continue reading

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