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Nicotine And THC Filled Cartridges Damage The Body

Many teens and young adults are smoking vapes from cartridges that are containing THC oil and Nicotine that is effecting our body. While smoking from these vapes containing THC oil and Nicotine we are damaging our body. Not many are worried about what effects these things we are smoking are going to have in the future.

Several marijuana and nicotine products are culprits for serious lung illnesses that have harmed more than 800 people that inhale these products. The numbers continue to grow from the vape use and its spreading to the younger generations. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that is beingmade into an oil and put into cartridges for more convenient ways to smoke. THC cartridges are containing dozens of unknown chemicals that are going into our body without much knowledge of the effects. Cannabis smokers are more likely to use these products because it cancels out majority of the smell and more discreet than smoking. hundreds of people across 25 states have been effected by a serious lung illness that has been linked to death. The vitamin E oil turns into acetate which enters the human respiratory that causes lipoid pneumonia and chronic lung illness. Donald Trump is expected to issue a banned against E-cigarettes to reverse the deeply concerning epidemic of youth e-cigarettes use that is impacting children, families, and schools.

E-cigarettes came into existence as a tobacco replacement containing nicotine to keep smokers from smoking cigarettes. The fruity/candy flavors have attracted many teenagers with no addiction to begin using these vapes because they enjoy the “buzz.” Just like the THC cartridges these are also containing many chemicals that are entering our body. There has been an organic compound contained inside called benzene, which is found in car exhaust. Ultra-fine particles are being inhaled into our lungs and chemicals that are being linked to lung diseases. The consumption of nicotine is affecting the developing brain of so many teens and young adults which is the biggest target in today’s society. Addiction can be learned and developed into your body and this makes it even worse for young teens because they still have many years of a developing brain. The human brain continues to develop until the age of 25 which is even worse for our youth because they will obtain nicotine for a longer period of time while developing. Studies are showing that smoking an E-cigarette is just as bad as smoking an actual cigarette. Upper respiratory infections are common with the use of the vaporizer but the long term effects are largely explored but not specific conclusion to the exact disease it creates.

The percentage of teens reportedly smoking vapes had hit record levels. Seniors who had only been smoking flavored e-cigarettes have increased by 25.7 percent from 20.6 in 2017 and among sophomores increased from 19.3 to 24.7. A researcher stated that it is urgent for teenagers to recognize the long term affects of what they are doing. These numbers are going to grow in young teens and parents need to recognize the effect that is being put on their children. Scientists have found that the developing brain will be damaged and could cause an addiction or the teen will often attempt other vape methods or drug use.

A proposed federal ban of most flavored e-cigarettes, and new efforts in many states to counter an epidemic of youth vaping. They’re now a $2.6 billion industry and nearly 20,000 vape and smoke shops. Vaping has greatly affected the current generation of teenagers to use because of the fruity flavored taste. Vaping is taking over schools and kids ability to obtain and gain new knowledge. At least 530 people have been suffering a lung illness caused by e-cigarettes with nicotine or THC. Vaping can disallow you to run or even play sports in the future due to the affect they begin to have on your lungs. The trump administration planned to ban most e-cigarettes to prevent teenagers from using them. It is very hard to completely take the e-cigarette completely off of the market because there isn’t any health justifications to exempt them from a policy.

Banning all e-cigarettes as a whole would cause more people to go back to smoking cigarettes. The invention of the e-cigarettes were to prevent people from smoking the tobacco. In the end both methods are containing harmful chemicals. JUST QUIT. It is a hard task to complete but anyone can do it. Putting these chemicals into our developing brain and our lungs is going to give you a lung disease you are going to wish you didn’t have. All stores should ID every customer that attempts to purchase Vapes to decrease teenagers from getting a hold of them. I have personally have seen an underage teen going into a convenient store and obtain an E-cigarette. This is where the problem begins and the rise will forever continue unless situations like this would be stopped.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    General informational essays are OK, JayV, but they don’t get published as Op-Eds, where the Opinion and the Editorial merge into an essay that expresses a clear point of view and generally makes a strong moral or ethical recommendation throughout. Your attitude is generally negative about the products, but a better draft would identify a program designed to help wean kids off vape and discourage others from starting. Just that narrower focus would help you trim a lot of needless details and concentrate on the Opinion and the Editorial recommendations.


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