Op-ed Draft – Aaron Borchert

President’s Rights

For the United States of America, having an intelligent, powerful, respected, devoted, and most importantly a president with a strong vision for the nation’s future, is necessary. But who the nation elects to be president is what is important. Only one president in United States history was not white, and that was Barack Obama. But, now for the 2020 Presidential Race, there is a new Democratic candidate by the name of Pete Buttigieg. Pete Buttigieg may become the first openly homosexual President. However being openly homosexual causes problems for Pete Buttigieg, but it should not.

Being homosexual in this day and age is hard due to people being homophobic, and having their own religious and personal beliefs about homosexuality. What this means for Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg is that people who are homophobic may not vote for him because of his sexuality. According to a 2019 article by James Kirchick, 43 percent of Americans are against same-sex marriage. With such a large percentage of homophobic Americans, it will be really hard for Pete Buttigieg to win the election. But homophobia should not even exist.

As people get older, most will eventually find someone who they love and will marry them to spend the rest of their life together. This is a basic value and is common since many desire to have someone to love and grow old with. But a lot of people disagree with people of the same gender doing the same. This is because it is against most religions. There are other understandable reasons why people are against same-sex marriage, but it is also mainly because a lot of people believe in procreation. If a homosexual couple wants to have kids, they have total right to. However some studies show that children without a mother or father depending on the couple, can have mental side effects. One study shows that girls that are raised without fathers are reportedly at a higher risk for teenage pregnancy and sexual activity. But, this can be easily counteracted if a homosexual couple just raises their kids correctly. Pete Buttigieg, regardless of his sexuality and whether or not he has children, is a valid candidate for this 2020 election.





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3 Responses to Op-ed Draft – Aaron Borchert

  1. davidbdale says:

    OK, AB, I’m going to break down your argument to an outline so we can see what’s going on.

    1. Intelligence and integrity are the most important qualities for a president.
    —A. Other accidental qualities (race, gender, sexual orientation) are largely irrelevant.
    ——1. Obama’s race and Pete Buttigieg’s homosexuality are not disqualifiers.
    2. Buttigieg will face opposition from religious voters who oppose same-sex marriage.
    —A. 43% of Americans are opposed to same-sex marriage.
    ——1. No candidate can write off 43% of the electorate.
    3. The vast majority of humans marry.
    —A. It can be presumed that most homosexuals (being human) also want to marry.
    —B. But many straight religious people object to homosexual marriage.
    ——1. Perhaps because they think marriage is for creating children.
    —C. But homosexual couples and raise kids even if not their own.
    ——1. But that might be problematic.
    ——2. But it might also NOT be problematic.
    4. Pete Buttigieg’s sexuality (like Barack Obama’s race) is irrelevant to his qualifications to hold the nation’s highest office.

    I hope this will help you see that while 1 and 2 and 4 are VERY MUCH underdeveloped, they do hold together as a reasonable combination of ideas.

    I hope it will also help you see that 3 is utterly irrelevant.

    I would advise you to concentrate NOT on WHY voters might object to homosexuality (unless you can convince them they’re wrong and persuade them to vote for him), but on HOW he could still win without votes from those 42% of the population.

    For example. Does someone have to “agree with same-sex marriage” to vote for an openly gay candidate? NO. Who says they have to?


  2. davidbdale says:

    One reason self-editing is SO HARD is that we stop reading our own drafts carefully. You probably glossed over your first sentence more than once without realizing that it doesn’t make much sense. It isn’t a sentence.

    For the United States of America, having an intelligent, powerful, respected, devoted, and most importantly a strong vision for the nation’s future.

    I guess you want to say having a strong leader is important. But please don’t let un-reviewed posts sneak into your Portfolio when it will be too late to catch obvious errors.


  3. davidbdale says:

    AB, you haven’t asked for any specific feedback, which explains why I’m getting to your post so late in the queue. In future, if you want prompter assistance, please ask for a particular type of advice. For now, I’ll address whatever I think will be most helpful.


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