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Practice Op-Ed—lazybear8

Facial recognition software is helping China commit a genocide. The software gives the government an absurd amount of control and insight. With such great control comes abuse of power. China is one of the first countries using the software with … Continue reading

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Robust Verbs-lazybear8

Heroin addicts are committing crimes to support their habits in Vancouver. The “free heroin for addicts” program is doing everything they can to stop the addicts. The problem is a large crime rate due to the addicts. Addicts have a hard … Continue reading

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Editorial Draft—lazybear8

Trump’s Heroic Decision to Save the Kurds Like many middle eastern civilizations, the Kurdish people have had a complicated history. Turkey which 20% of its population consisting of Kurdish people, has not been very friendly over the last century. Several … Continue reading

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LTE Draft—lazybear8

Insert Title Here Mukesh K. Jain, Tadataka Yamada and Robert Lefkowitz’s article, “We Need More Doctors Who Are Scientists,” shows how easy it is to speak about a problem without giving a solution, or why the problem exists in the first place. As … Continue reading

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Every year cigarettes are responsible for over 480,000 deaths in the US alone. Now while this statistic is quite jarring, it has little to no affect on the masses today except that the majority of people know that cigarettes are … Continue reading

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LTE Homework—lazybear8

The letter “An Hourly Worker’s Questions for the President” begins how every letter to the editor should; with a citation. The author of the letter proceeds to show professionalism by stating his credentials that being “a 65-year-old hourly employee at … Continue reading

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