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Editorial For Portfolio – DrippyDoughnut

America Must Chose in What it Stands for Most The NBA is huge in the US as 15.4 million had watched the finals game this year. Another big thing here in the US is Twitter and the bill of rights. … Continue reading

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Editorial for Portfolio

Editorial for Portfolio In this day and age, vaping e-cigarettes is continuing to climb in growth. More and more teenagers are vaping and have no idea what it is doing to their body. This situation must end and these teenagers … Continue reading

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Editorial for Portfolio-lazybear8

Trump’s Heroic Decision to Save the Kurds The Kurdish people have had a complicated history. Turkey 20% of whose population are Kurds, has treated them terribly over the last century. Attempted Genocide have led to different insurgencies forming including . … Continue reading

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Editorial for Portfolio- Athenapup4

Suicide Underneath The heart-wrenching conversation about suicide and suicide prevention continues, as it must. This silent epidemic is only going to continue to grow and affect more lives if the conversation stops. On September 12 2019, Peggy Wehmeyer shares her … Continue reading

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Editorial For Portfolio- roses0102

The Irreversible Effects of Climate Change Is this the future we want for our country? In recent years, the negative effects of climate change have impacted the United States in a number of ways. Human are one of the main … Continue reading

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Editorial for Portfolio- Comp0327

How Much Money is a Child’s Life Worth? Lethal diseases and their pricey medications and treatments have been a consistent point of ethical issue in the United States, and the world as a whole. To fight a disease which is … Continue reading

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Editorial for Portfolio-Cynicalwordsmith

One Teen’s “How Dare You!” Inspires Worldwide Movement It is undeniable in today’s society the ongoing push from people all around the world, many of them youths, to combat climate change; or to at least do something to protect future … Continue reading

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Editorial For Portfolio–drpaleontology

Earth Cannot Satisfy Greed “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” Mahatma Gandhi said it best, and even though those words were spoken almost eighty years ago , they are still as relevant today … Continue reading

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Editorial for Portfolio – Christopharo

“Houston, we Have a Problem,” NBA Houston Rockets Executive Sets Fire to China’s Twittersphere Over the weekend Houston Rockets general manager, Daryl Morey, justly showed his support for protesters in Hong Kong with a sympathetic tweet, “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong.” … Continue reading

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Editorial for Portfolio – yankeefan

It Won’t be Easy, But the Vape Epidemic Can Be Solved Vaping is making people sick, and no one seems to know why just yet. More and more people are going to become sick and simply banning the products is … Continue reading

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