Practice Op-Ed- Lg102015

Facial Recognition has completely taken over the privacy we are suppose to have as people. We no longer have the rights to our own faces, or where the scans of our faces go. The smart phones that a good percentage of America use everyday, take a scan of your face just for you to unlock your phone and soon it will be apart of way more. No one truly knows who gets the scans and what they do with them. With this technology that we now have, the government is trying to use it for the wrong reasons way too early before it is mastered and perfect. Even though I consider myself a good citizen, facial recognition still scares me, since you never know if your in the wrong place at the wrong time.

One of the biggest ways facial recognition is being used is to catch criminals. If you live in the United States, then you are most likely to have your drivers license photo put into a system. The police use this system to scan for certain criminals who did a crime. The only way they use this is if they have a lead on the person with surveillance video or a photo. The government is in charge of this system that keeps all the photos, but that doesn’t mean they are the only people that has it. Your photo could be in anyones hand. Facial recognition has not yet been mastered, which means that your photo can be picked for a crime you didn’t do. There was one case where a man stole socks from target, and they used facial recognition to find out who he was. The system came up with 200+ matches, and they picked the guy that looked the most like him. It is things like this that can ruin peoples lives. I personally would never want to be charged with a crime I did not do. In situations like these facial recognition should not be used until it is completely perfect and mastered.

Facial recognition is something that keeps improving as the years go on. I believe that rather sooner then later something will go wrong and we will have to hide our faces from the cameras that are looking out for our every move. Luckily there is a solution to this problem, people have come up with ways to cover your face when you go out, so that the government can no longer track you with any cameras. Some of the ways they disguise themselves is by using makeup. People say that it is better to use colors that are opposite to your skin tone. It is also good to partially change the shape of your nose with tape. The nose is a huge part in recognizing peoples faces. There are many things you can try to change on your face that will allow you to not be recognize. In the mean time I believe that the best solution for facial recognition is to not use it until there are no more problems or worries that go along with it.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    The accusations are too vague to strike real fear of the facial recognition technology, and no reader will believe that the author is actually suggesting that we all wear bright makeup and tape our noses to avoid being recognized, but it’s a good start at an opinion essay.


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