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LTE Draft – Givemeclouttokens

In the article, West Texas Shooting Spree, the author unjustifiably used a quote from President Trump, wrongly thinking that this quote is justified to have in a tear jerking article about a mass shooting. The author decided to put a … Continue reading

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LTE Draft—lovericeandnoodles

Insert Title Here In Michael R. Bloomberg and Matt Myers’ article, “Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes to Protect Our Children“, they argue that big tobacco companies are ruining teenagers lives with electronic cigarettes, a form of smoking that was originally designed to help adults … Continue reading

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LTE Draft—lazybear8

Insert Title Here Mukesh K. Jain, Tadataka Yamada and Robert Lefkowitz’s article, “We Need More Doctors Who Are Scientists,” shows how easy it is to speak about a problem without giving a solution, or why the problem exists in the first place. As … Continue reading

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LTE Draft- doglover441

Insert Title Here Re “Trump Heads Into 2020 With No Clear Policy Agenda. But It May Not Matter“(Page 14, September 4): Since Donald Trump became President, he has achieved a substantial amount of success in actualizing his policies and governance. … Continue reading

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LTE Draft – thefrontbottom

We Shouldn’t Ban Vapes To the editor, In the article “We Still Don’t Know How Safe Vaping Is,” the controversy of vaping is brought up again, this time, explaining the dangers of e-cigarette companies’ advertisements as they target children. There … Continue reading

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LTE Draft-Comp0327

Insert Title Here To the editor: Re: “Who’s Missing From Breast Cancer Trials? Men, Says the F.D.A.” Published September 9, 2019. I was fourteen years old when the term ‘Breast Cancer’ was first introduced to me and my family. My … Continue reading

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LTE Draft—compclass8

No Vape Please To the editor: In Michael R. Bloomberg and Matt Myers September 10th, 2019 article, “Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes to Protect Our Children“, Bloomberg and Myers start off with the flavors of e-cigarette vape that attract and target kids. They mention … Continue reading

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