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America Needs to Stop its Opioid Addiction

On november 2nd, the Amercan government has passed a bill that could potentially bring down the famously high price of widely used drugs across America. According to the article, “the American way of paying for drugs isn’t working,” the pharmaceutical industry could lose as much as one trillion dollars in profit from this bill, while widely used drugs will come down in price by about 1158 billion dollars over all. This has happened in perfect timing, because the American public will begin to realize the dangers of the drugs they are consuming. The American public will be hit face first with the fact that pharmaceutical drugs will not solve their poor diet choices, and that the drugs will only push them into their own downfall. This drop in prices will bring about a massive opioid epidemic, as prescription drugs become more and more cheaper. As a country, we need to fight this epidemic and realize that these drugs will not be the answer to all of our problems, they will only numb them. America needs to come together to realize that people will be falling into the temptation to buy more of these drugs, and we need to make sure that these people don’t end up loathing in their self destruction in America’s future.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    As of today, any feedback for the Opioid Editorial will be conducted at your Editorial for Portfolio post, where we’ve already gathered some professor feedback and peer reviews.


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