Building Your Portfolio

Seven Items

Your finished Portfolio of your most important assignments for the semester will contain your Reflective Statement and two versions of your three Portfolio Essays.

  1. Draft Letter to the Editor
  2. LTE for Portfolio
  3. Draft Editorial
  4. Editorial for Portfolio
  5. Draft Op-Ed
  6. Op-Ed for Portfolio
  7. Reflective Statement

The purpose of including two drafts of each of your essays is to demonstrate your willingness to participate in the recursive exercise of writing and your effectiveness at doing so. In defending your work in your Reflective Statement, you’ll refer to the many ways you wrote recursively (by carefully considering the work of other authors and thinkers; by synthesizing the work of others with your own background of experience and learning; by presenting drafts of your work for the consideration of others; by incorporating and citing the work of other authors in your posts; by incorporating feedback into successive drafts; by offering unique new work to the world of ideas).

The Mechanics

  • Open in Edit mode each of the items you want to include in your Portfolio.
  • Add each item to the Portfolio category for your Username.
  • Click Update.
  • Repeat until you have 7 items in your Portfolio.
  • Continue to revise your Portfolio versions if needed.
  • You will be graded on the contents of your Portfolio whenever your Professor opens it for a last holistic reading.


On TUE DEC 10, in class, we’ll do a Portfolio Verification Double-Check to verify that your portfolios are complete and that they comply with the requirements, including citation links in your Op-Ed and links to your own work in your Reflective Statement.

When your portfolio is verified complete, you’ll be permitted to sign up for a Grade Conference with your professor on either THU DEC 12 or TUE DEC 17.

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