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Trump Plans to Rip Government Help from Citizens 

SNAP gets snapped by the United States Government. President Trump’s administration has devised a devastating plan to save their government some money. They plan to cut down on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in America established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Trump administration will attempt to change it for the third time to cut around 19% of benefits from the households in need. This plan could cause around eight thousand low income households, just in Wisconsin alone to lose all of their previously earned benefits. The original purpose of this program was to help those in need so that they can live and work properly. Without this program, the American citizens in need will not be able to sufficiently pay for their home necessities, and eventually, they will be forced to make a decision between feeding themselves and their families and finding ways to get to work. This lack of funding will cause hard working Americans to soon become unable to successfully work. If the program is cut any further, poverty levels will start increasing, as well as the unemployment rates, which would discourage Trump’s previous claims of being successful in decreasing. 

What the government does not favor is the fact that some families are estimated to be receiving more money in food stamps than they require due to the differing costs of living for their area. The president is too busy pondering on the minuscule loss of a few extra dollars to think about how devastating his plan will be to the rest of his country if he goes forth with cutting almost a quarter of the Food Stamp Program funds. 

To make matters worse, even the children of our country have the potential to be personally affected by the President’s plan. These helpless children will soon be looking into empty refrigerators at home while also having nothing to bring to school for lunch time either. The President was born into wealth and has never had to endure the hunger and stress brought upon when your next meal is indefinite. Instead of cutting the funding for SNAP, the Trump Administration should look at cutting other programs like funding a search for oil. Hungry children should not be thought of after money, yet if this plan is passed, they will be. Many of America’s children worry so much about being able to eat lunch at school because they don’t want to feel left out and hungry. Trump’s idea of depriving American children of such a necessity that he will never have to worry about just to save the government some money, is truly sickening. If Congress decides to go through with President Trump’s administration’s request, the American citizens will be the ones who will greatly suffer.

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4 Responses to Editorial for Portfolio-Lucbe

  1. morra2024 says:

    Answering the professor’s question, I do not see the reasons behind the actions of the Trump administration.
    I feel that statistical evidence wouldn’t hurt the editorial’s truthfulness


  2. The opening paragraph sums up the opinion for the article well. The views of the author were stated multiple times through word choice such as “horrible plan,” “devastating plan,” and “helpless children,” in which all point at the fact that what is being released as a plan is the wrong thing to do and the president must reconsider for the benefits of society as a whole. The first paragraph seems a little large in comparison to the others, so breaking it up a little bit may be a step in the right direction as well.


  3. davidbdale says:

    Lucbe, I’m doing a quick round of feedback this morning to get the revision ball rolling. Feel free to put your post back into Feedback Please if you want more reactions or a different sort of feedback.

    Your point of view is certainly clear, and you’ve chosen a very meaningful problem to address. Some ways to improve your argument with facts to supplement your rhetoric.
    —If this move is “yet another” outrage, you could gain a lot of mileage by briefly detailing the earlier “changes” to the program that most likely all harmed recipients.
    —You need to be clear about the impact on both Food Stamps (they’re not called this anymore, so acknowledge that you’re aware of the official program names) and School Lunches. You talk vaguely about both as if they’re identical.
    —We need to know what’s “wrong” with the current funding levels that makes the changes seem reasonable to the administration.
    —It might be helpful to balance “$4.5 billion a year over 5 years,”—a billion dollars year—against some other government program (subsidies for oil exploration given to massive corporations that are plenty rich already, for example) that costs WAY MORE and doesn’t take food from hungry children.

    In other words, clear facts would give weight to your rhetoric.


  4. lucbe219 says:

    I am requesting feedback to perfect my sentences before I move on to deal with grammar rules.


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