Writing Plan- gcatt310

Thesis Statement: 

The changes made to Title X, which allowed women to afford contraception and other critical health benefits shows the goal of the future that the conservatives have in mind. By teaching young women to abstain from sex rather than educate them on their safety options shows the blantent disregard for womens rights in America.

Background and Evidence:

  •  The new Title X rule also removes the requirement that health care providers inform pregnant patients about their full range of options like prenatal care, termination, or adoption.
  • Making abortion illegal, or making it difficult to aquire will only lead to worse outcomes. Abortions will be taken into the hands of the black market, and women will be in very unsafe siutations. 
  • To make matters even worse, organizations receiving money through the federal family planning program (Title X), will still be able to perform abortions but will have to do so in a separate facility from their other operations and adhere to the new requirement that they not refer patients to it. 

Sources I Have Found:

Birth Control Gets Caught Up in the Abortion Wars

The drastic changes made to Title X will be life changing for women in America. This source emphasizes on the bases that abortion is apart of healthcare and should be given to women as an option without having to jump through unessacry hoops.  

Trump Administration Blocks Funds for Planned Parenthood and Others Over Abortion Referrals

This article gives a view into the politics of the anti-abortion movement. The Trump Administrations contributions to the movement are highlighted while showing the drastic changes that will occure.

Sources I Haven’t Found Yet:

I need to find a source that gives me history to the anti-abortion movement. As I have been reading articles, not many seem to give much background. Adding in some background to the movement will help to illuminate on the issue I am trying to stress in my op-ed. 

Counter Arguments I Need To Refute:

The conservative argument that young girls should be taught to abstaine from sex rather than be educated on contraceptives. Under the new rule, staff members at Title X facilities who are morally opposed to abortion can effectively pretend that the procedure doesn’t exist, a lie by omission that no one would find acceptable in the context of any other form of health care.

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1 Response to Writing Plan- gcatt310

  1. davidbdale says:

    Not actually a clear statement of thesis: “The changes made to Title X, which allowed women to afford contraception and other critical health benefits shows the goal of the future that the conservatives have in mind.” Nowhere do you indicate what changes conservatives propose. Readers might actually read your sentence to mean that Conservatives are proposing changes that would allow women to afford contraception.” Probably not, but your thesis could be read that way.


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