Op-Ed Draft—CynicalWordsmith

Supporting the Wrong Right

The second amendment may be a right to all Americans–however, this right is only infringing on the right of fellow citizens to feel safe by using a broken system to allow people to purchase weapons of war and violence. Gun control is a growing necessity in America that most definitely will save the lives of not only our current citizens, but future generations to come. The number of mass shootings in America has exponentially increased as of September of 2019. At this date, 244 days into the year, there had been more mass shootings recorded than days in the year. 283 had been recorded, and this figure has only risen. Many states require little in the area of purchasing a fire-arm, even semi-automatic weapons. When the ease of purchasing firearms is discussed, it is often said it only takes minutes to acquire such an object. In thirty-three states, the rules and regulations are said to be more lenient, with the problem of private sellers not doing background checks. 

The length between mass casualty shootings is shortening, with 283 occurring this year, two of them within twenty-four hours of each other. These events are becoming more frequent it seems, with 9,932 gun deaths as of September first. While many may think buying a gun is difficult in their states, this article entails the details of certain states in regards to the steps in purchasing a firearm. In thirty-three states, private sellers take up shop in hopes of consuming bigger checks due to their lack of checking on their customers before their purchases made. New laws around guns and gun safety have been implemented in places such as Nevada but are rarely enforced.

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