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Vancouver has a growing heroin epidemic on its hands. While the program, “Free Heroin for Addicts” is helping to diminish the number of users, they still struggle to combat the increasing crime rate in the area. It is obvious that addicts have a hard time getting through their day to day lives. The seemingly insurmountable addiction only feeds the difficulties that users face, making everyday tasks more and more difficult, simply because anything will be done to obtain not only the drug, but the experience. The petty crimes of breaking and entering and stealing are mainly the acts being committed to get their hands on something to trade for the heroin. This program neglects the fact that the addicted do not care by what means they get heroin, just that they are getting the numbing high they experience. This in turn does counter the rising crime rates, but also only enables the users and aids them in getting what they need to essentially destroy themselves. While this will keep more space in hospitals for people who want to be helped, and provide safe ways to obtain and use heroin, it is essentially still feeding the monster that is addiction. Instead of helping the addicted to stand up and beat it, they are helping them welcome it into their lives, over and over again.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Among the more fluent examples, this paragraph is still wordy and too dependent on non-robust verbs “to be.” The sentences and objects of the last many sentences are almost all “this” and “it.”


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