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Vaping Illnesses Top 1,000, C.D.C. Says

Life threatening illnesses and deaths related to vaping are on a continuous uprise around the country over the past month. Deaths from vaping should not be happening and there needs to be a ban to vape producers. It needs to be stopped to prevent more life threatening illnesses and even deaths that could occur. About 70 percent of the patients were male, 80 percent under 35 years old and 16 percent younger than 18, she said (Dr. Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the C.D.C.). To help control the increase in illnesses relating vaping, especially in teenagers, several states ordered a ban on flavored e-cigarettes. The fruity, sweet flavors are what hook teenagers into buying these harmful, potentially deadly products. Dr. Howard Zucker, the New York state health commissioner, called the outbreak a “public health emergency” due to the symptoms e-cigarette users can get from using the products.

Symptoms of these products are coughing and trouble breathing which can become very severe. No one knows what is inside these vapes that causes these illnesses but C.D.C officials are referring to “chemical exposure”. The reason could be the ingredients in the vape juice, or a toxin being released from the materials used to make devices which contain heated coils that vaporize fluids or other substances. Many of the ingredients that are in theses products are unknown. Medical investigators are having issues figuring out what links the vaping products to all of these reoccurring illnesses. There needs to be an end to these serve illnesses and the only way to stop teenagers and adults from using them is to ban them.

E-cigarette companies should not be allowed to market to teenagers with there sweet flavors. The illnesses and deaths occurring from vape users are on an uprise now totaling 1,080 cases and 19 deaths, health officials said on Thursday. Along with the several states that have banned flavored e-cigarettes in hopes of controlling this uprises, the Trump administration also has said that it would draft a ban on flavored e-cigarettes. Without regulating this products the death rate is just going to continue to grow which is not something the country needs. This needs to be put to an end before this generation becomes ruined from vaping.


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5 Responses to Editoral Draft- compclass

  1. This editorial has a good topic but its claim is not clearly in the first sentence. The opinion is clear though and the explanation is okay in this editorial. The claim is close to the first sentence, which is good because it mean that your not doing too bad for the editorial.


  2. lucbe219 says:

    The quick inclusion of your personal opinion in the second sentence made it clear on what the point of view entailed for the rest of the paper. This kept me interested in what else was going to be discussed within the paper. You also had a very strong ending where you said, “before this generation becomes ruined from vaping,” and it seems like it would encourage others to help put an end to the vaping epidemic.


  3. I’ll reply to this one


  4. lovericeandnoodles says:



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