Robust Verbs – Christopharo

Heroin addicts are committing crimes to support their habits in Vancouver. Daily, lives of addicts continue to worsen as activities such as jobs, interactions, and relationships fall apart. Addiction also causes users to continually feed their addiction by any means necessary. If desperate enough, they resort to breaking and entering and stealing from anywhere they can find their drug of choice.

One Program, “Free Heroin for Addicts,” is tasked with stopping these addicts. This program does not help ween addicts off of heroin, its only objective is to halt the rise of addiction related crimes. Providing the drug for free in a safe environment takes addicts off the streets and prevents from committing crimes. In turn, the amount of heroin users admitted to hospitals will also fall. Hospitals should not have to deal with addicts who choose to jeopardize their health and are unable to afford treatment. Vancouver will be fixed but the addiction that these people face will not.

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1 Response to Robust Verbs – Christopharo

  1. davidbdale says:

    Very nice compression and fluency improvements. Some dandy verb replacements too.


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