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In the United States alone, it’s estimated that there’s an average of 72,400 wildfires destroying 7 million of acres a year since the beginning of just this decade. The wide spread of these wildfires are caused my numerous factors, but these factors have nothing against the major concern: the lack of care society shows for the planet. If we don’t start showing any care for the environment, soon there’ll be nothing left for us to call our home. 

The Amazon rain forest covers 2.1 million square miles of South Africa, producing 20% of the oxygen in the atmosphere. It’s a home to thousands of tropical species, considered far and wide as one of the most bio-diverse places in the world. Earlier this past August, thousands of fires ravaged the lungs of the planet, being the most intense blazes for almost a decade. Meanwhile, miles away in Africa, there are more than five times as many fires than in the Amazon. A major region at risk in central Africa is the Congo Basin forest, the second largest rain forest after the Amazon.

These atrocities are only the tip of the ice burg of the real damages wildfires are bringing. A major cause of these fires are the “controlled” deforestation’s taking place, for as small as a single rogue ashes can send acres to the ground. Firefighters say that there are three keys to starting a wild fire; the fuel, the air, and the heat source. Wildfires can form during dry weather and droughts due to their warm temperatures encouraging combustion. All that’s left to kick it off is the spark that usually comes from arson and global emissions or as simple as a cigarette bud. Climate change also raises the chances of wildfires, leading to hotter, dryer conditions. 

Though these wildfires have done tremendous damage, it’s not to late to help and stop the spread of wildfires. Overpopulation is a major issue in our country which leads to the growing number of people moving to these fire prone lands. However, if we discourage residential developments from sprouting in these areas, that’d just one step towards a safer community. Additionally, incorporating fire-resistant designs into architecture will also make significant change. If we want to see a bigger impact, donating or joining causes like the Great Green Wall is a giant step towards a safer future. The Great Green Wall is an African-led movement with the ambition to grow 8,000 kilometers of trees across the entire width of Africa. With climate change, deforestation, and the carelessness of society, one could say our planet is doomed, destined to be taken over by flames and utter chaos. However, there is still hope. If we come together to truly seek and want change, change will happen, for the better. For, it’s not just you who can prevent forest fires, but all of us.


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5 Responses to Editorial Draft – Lelebxby

  1. I notice that you subtly let your opinion peek through your argument in the first paragraph, however, I think the piece would fair better with you taking a position on the topic early-on. I like that you provided an abundance yet not an overwhelming of evidence about the Abortion debate in Morocco. While it is good to have a passion fueled argument, attaching cold hard facts and undeniable evidence gives it credibility that your reader can draw their own conclusions about. Good first draft!


  2. bestbaker123 says:

    You have a lot of passion and strong claims and your writing is very good. The only thing I would suggest is the thing we learned in class. You should make your stance clear from the get-go so the reader doesn’t just guess what side you’re on. You have strong claims and you clearly know what you’re talking about. You are informative which helps the reader to understand your side better. You play the role of god well by using “shouldn’t” “not allowed.” Overall, I enjoyed your writing and your opinions.


  3. I’ll be back to provide peer review for this one.


  4. I’ll be back for this one


  5. bestbaker123 says:

    be back to peer review this one


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