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Suicide cows are a strange, but effective way to intimidate areas for ISIS to strike next. As referenced by the article, ISIS is strapped cows with bombs so they infiltrate farms and houses on the country side of Al Islah, Iraq. What I do not understand is how the Islamic state is lacking manpower to terrorize the areas themselves. “The animals wandered into the outskirts of the community, and when they seemed close to houses, the bombs were detonated remotely, killing the cows, and damaging nearby houses, but not harming any people, Colonel Al-Atyia said” .To me, i feel as if this tactic is wasteful because there is no real strategy or point. Furthermore, as stated by the editor, cows are worth around $1,200 so that in itself is a waste of money and resources that the cows could have been used for. The article also talks about how ISIS will continue to breach these areas that could be strategic for movement, but these farms that the cows are in are not valuable areas for the Islamic State at all. The author says this could be a good strategy in case the islamic state wants to breach these said areas in the future, but these farms and houses are not valuable or causing threats in any way. ISIS will want to target cities and places with officials residing in them. These farms with working people growing food are only harming the Islamic State when they could be benefiting from all the farmland and resources created.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Now, please forgive me, I’m going to be very blunt. This post would fail if it turned up in your Portfolio. PLEASE follow the link I left you back on your Draft and review the feedback I left for your classmate.

    NAME the article, author, and publication date in your first sentence or two, instead of referring to it as “the article,” and calling its author “the author.”

    Include in your work as many of the 10 components of a good Letter to the Editor. Be as specific and clear as you can in your objections or other reactions to the original author’s clear and specific claims.

    Break your work into paragraphs, each with a main idea that you support with evidence, illustration or reasoning.

    I appreciate that you’ve expanded your post since publishing its original. I fully believe you’re capable of better work. If you revise before midnight, please put your post into Feedback Please and leave me a Reply to let me know you’ve made improvements.

    Thank you.


  2. davidbdale says:

    AB, I asked you a couple of times on your LTE Draft post to fix your naming technique so that it matches our course standard. If you don’t use the same naming technique your classmates use, your work will get lost, miss out on feedback, fail to be graded . . . .

    I’ve fixed the name, changing it to LTE for Portfolio—andrewbechara

    Then I wrote you a Title and put it where it belongs. Please respond that you understand the importance of these procedures. Thanks!


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