LTE Homework-gcatt310

The article, An Hourly Worker’s Questions for the President published on 09/01 by Adam McCauley uses all of the ten essential components. Throughout the article it is easy to understand the authors stance while his argument is made by using the ten components.

The author immediately used a citation, giving the reader insight to what prompted this specific letter or article. Following the citation, the objective, clarification and credentials are all stated within the first sentence. All of these are essential to making the article worth reading. Without them, the argument or point being made would be invaluable to the reader.

As the author beings to introduce his argument, the premise is made extremely clear as-long as support and truth. McCauley explains why this is a topic that matters to many people establishing a premise and gaining support. He then draws a conclusion by referring to the Presidents views of low wage workers while also making a proposal to the President and all other working class people. By calling the people of America to action he finalizes his argument.

All of the ten essential components were worked into his paper seamlessly. Most of the components were used more than once to really grab the readers attention. While this article used all of the components, I felt as though the author could have expanded more on his experience working a low wage earner. This would help to show people that are not familiar with being a low wage earner what it is really like in todays society and what struggles are faced daily.

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