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Let Athletes Live

Sports are a very big part of the American lifestyle today. These athletes that excel in their sport are therefore placed on a very high pedestal. They are constantly in the public eye and must watch their actions in public, because theres alway someone watching their every move. Football is arguably the most popular sport in the country right now, from high school to the NFL. College football is where a lot of controversy arises, because the players are nationally known and trying to prove themselves. With the popularity of football comes the constant spotlight on star players.

On Monday, October 7 a tweet was shared by Penn State’s Antonio Shelton revealing a letter written by alumnus to teammate Jonathan Sutherland. In the letter written by David Petersen, he bashes Sutherland’s dreadlocks, calling them awful, dirty, and unattractive. Besides just bashing a young mans hair, this brings out racial issues of this white graduate writing to a black student athlete, calling them dirty and having other degrading remarks.

The media and fans have to let these athletes live. The life of a student athlete is one of extreme dedication and will to succeed, and there is no need for outsiders opinions on their journeys. Keep your opinion to yourself if its something degrading to ones person. Nothing positive came to Mr. Petersen after speaking his mind on Sutherland’s dreadlocks. The only positive thing that came from it was for Penn State football, and Sutherland’s own image. Penn State and its football staff and team came together defending their own player and boosting his image as a deans list honors student as well as a team captain.

So before you go try and defame a student athlete based on something as trivial as his hair, recognize their dedication to the sport that supplies you with entertainment. Maybe then their hairstyles won’t bother you as much.

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