Writing Plan-Lg102015

Thesis: As the years go on, the death rates due to overdose keep rising, it is time to put an end to this rising percentage. Opening up safe injection cites will not only reduce the amount of deaths caused by over dose, but also keep people safe from HIV and other diseases.

Background and Evidence

Throughout the past couple of years, the United States has seen a huge increase in the amount of deaths due to overdoses, a couple cities within the US have decided to take action in this epidemic and open safe injection cites. This would be a place where addicts can go and shoot up illegal drugs safely. If this were to happen there would be more precaution taken place and reduce the amount of overdoses that are taking place.

People are hoping that safe injection sites bring the overdose epidemic off the streets of major cities. Having someone in the building will allow it to be so much quicker for someone to get Naloxone in their system. This counteract drug to overdoses really saves lives when it is used in time. In most cases people do not get to the scene of the overdose in time and that is the main cause of their death.

These safe injection cites will also have Social workers in the building that will be able to talk to the addicts about how they want to plan out their future. They will talk about the steps they need to take in order to quit shooting up illegal drugs. They’ll be available to programs and other things that will lead them into a positive direction in their drug usage.

Sources I have Found:

New York City, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Seattle may be the first cities in the United States to create supervised sites or safe injection sites for addicts in their city to shoot up illegal drugs in a safe space. Mayor De Blasio of New York City planed to open up 4 sites around the city, where they would be open as a pilot program for a year. At these sites, there will be trained staff who would be able to administer Naloxone, which will save someone who overdoses. There will also be social workers available to talk to the addicts and guide them in the right path. These sites are created all in the hopes that the addicts will be in a safe space and help their addictions in the future.

The deaths due to overdoses has become such an epidemic that police officers are now caring around the anti drug just the same as they would a gun. There are many cases throughout this article that are the reason carrying Naloxone is such a big deal for cops nowadays. It is the main reason why they have been saving more lives on the scene of overdoses as well.

Sources I haven’t Found Yet

I would like to find an article where it is very specific to safe injection cites. I would like it to go into depth on how they would work. If they would cost money. How they would be funded and operated through the government.

Counterarguments I Need to Refute

The arguments that come up for safe injection cites is will it really help addicts with their addictions, or will it just promote people to do more heroin now that it is safer then what it was before. Also people feel like this will bring more trouble to the streets of the injection sites because dealers will most likely want to deal right outside the sites.

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3 Responses to Writing Plan-Lg102015

  1. davidbdale says:

    You haven’t asked for any particular sort of advice, LG, so I’ll just wing it.

    Thesis: Your thesis statement contains four errors of grammar, punctuation, and usage, LG. We’ll work on those after you turn your Writing Plan into an OpEd Draft, but it should concern you that you have so many problems in just two sentences.

    Your statement doesn’t specify that the overdoses are caused by injection, so it’s not immediately clear that injection sites will solve the problem. As an arguable premise, it doesn’t create much controversy, LG. There is no doubt safe injection, compared to unsafe injection, will save lives and cause less disease. Nobody could reasonably argue against that. But, as you know, that’s not what upsets people. Can you take a bigger chance in your thesis?

    Background and Evidence
    You establish that overdoses occur and that to reduce them “some cities” propose to open safe injection sites. Apparently Naloxone will be available as well to save more lives by counteracting “walk-in” overdose cases. The sites will also be a source of social services and addiction counseling. Does that about cover it?

    There’s nothing here to actually argue, LG. It’s all benefit at no apparent cost and without any resistance. It’s unclear why the program would require your advocacy.

    So . . . can you include into your argument the thorny objections that cities actually have to overcome to locate such programs within their jurisdictions? Has there been active resistance in NYC, SF, or Philly to opening such sites? Do neighborhoods welcome such sites? Does nobody raise the moral objection that the programs tolerate or even condone safe injection instead of insisting on treatment to end the addiction? How will you engage active reader interest if this program, these sites, are unarguably positive? Are they?

    Sources I haven’t Found Yet.
    I would like to find an article where it is very specific to safe injection cites. I would like it to go into depth on how they would work. If they would cost money. How they would be funded and operated through the government.
    —I tried to help you with this.

    Counterarguments I Need to Refute.
    —Are you suggesting that non-addicts will be able to come to the site to TRY heroin?
    —How else could a safe injection site encourage more heroin use?
    —Isn’t it more likely that safe injection sites will eliminate the need for street dealers since addicts are given clean doses without having to pay for them?

    Is this helpful, LG?


  2. davidbdale says:

    It appears you haven’t taken my advice yet about the Vancouver injection sites. That’s a shame. I would like to have reviewed your use of that source as part of this feedback session.


  3. davidbdale says:

    For specific information on safe injection sites (not cites), how they work, what they cost, how they benefit (and fail to benefit) the communities in which they’re based, search “Insite Vancouver,” LG. Vancouver has been been the pioneer, model, and expert on safe injection since 2006.


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