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Editorial for Portfolio – VoxPopuli

China’s Wrongful Intrusion In Hong Kong Hong Kong’s autonomy was wrongfully obstructed by China for yet another month as the world moved into October. Pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong initially started this past June in opposition to the tyrannical Hong … Continue reading

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Op-Ed Draft – VoxPopuli

Action Needs to Be Taken Against China’s Human Rights Abuses The world should take more action against the tyrannical Chinese regime because they are one of the world’s worst human rights abusers. The People’s Republic of China has shown consistently … Continue reading

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Writing Plan – VoxPopuli

Thesis Statement: The world should take more action against China because they are an authoritarian regime that has abused the human rights of its citizens multiple times. Background and Evidence: China is one of the worst countries in the world … Continue reading

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Practice OP-ED – VoxPopuli

Facial Recognition: Modern Pandoras Box? Facial recognition will usher in a new age of Orwellian totalitarianism if it is not stopped or at the very least heavily regulated. Although facial recognition has a lot of exciting and benign applications, its … Continue reading

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Robust Verbs-VoxPopuli

Heroin addicts committing crimes to support their habits is a huge problem in Vancouver. The “free heroin for addicts” program is doing everything they can to stop addiction. The high crime rate in Vancouver is due to the addicts. Addicts … Continue reading

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Better Left Unsaid – VoxPopuli

1) When the parents of a man or woman haven’t voted in their lifetimes, then their child is not as likely to vote than they would be if he or she had been brought up in a household where the parents always vote. … Continue reading

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Editorial Draft – VoxPopuli

China’s tyrannical Intrusion into Hong Kong China’s Ever Growing Grip on Hong Kong Unrest in Hong Kong stayed high for yet another month as China’s authoritarian grip over Hong Kong tightened as the world moved into October. The pro-democracy demonstrations … Continue reading

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