Riddle: Who’s buried here?

What possible explanation could there be for two people to be buried in this manner?


Check your answer at the link.

End of Late Withdrawal Period NOV 25.

If you’re contemplating a Late Withdrawal, check the Syllabus Menu for Late Withdrawal immediately. Don’t wait until NOV 25 to start looking for the Withdrawal Form or your Professor’s (and the department chair’s) signature.

Use the Course Withdrawal Form and get your signatures immediately.

In Class Task: Some Models

The time I spend providing feedback helps one student at a time, but sharing our observations of one another’s work as a class is a better way to help everyone at the same time.

It’s Not You; It’s Me

As evidence that my feedback extravagances are not personal.

23 Responses to CLASS 23: TUE NOV 19

  1. morra2024 says:


    0. Had an engaging discussion with the Professor about nostalgia. To be frank, I feel nostalgia on a regular basis. Prestalgia – future nostalgia about something that is yet to happen.
    1. Spoiled the riddle answer for myself: the buried couple is separated by that wall because the husband and wife were of differing religious beliefs: Protestantism and Catholicism.
    2. End of Late Withdrawal period – 11/25
    3. In writing, questions without answers are unnecessary.
    4. Practiced reviewing editorials of classmates. My work was later chosen to be reviewed by the 9 AM class.


  2. comp0327 says:

    -Nostalgia. I miss being young and not having to worry about anything. I miss long days on the beach that ended with a family barbecue at the beach house.
    -Prestalgia? Nostalgia for the future?
    -If a question is asked in a piece of writing, the answer should be provided.
    -Peer review is a helpful practice and should be used more often.


  3. tenere84 says:

    Notes 11/19

    Nostalgia: An interesting discussion on nostalgia; is there a word that refers to nostalgia of something one has not seen before?

    Riddle: The two gravestones are separated by a wall because their respective persons practiced different religions. The two are separated presumably to avoid religious violations.

    The end of the late withdrawal period is November 25.

    A question, if placed in an essay, should always have an answer. If not, it shouldn’t be there.

    Some Models
    – It’s good practice to review the essays of one’s peers. It helps not only the reader to practice observing errors, but also the writer to make improvements.


  4. compclass8 says:

    We did a nostalgic exercise to try to depict the reason behind the picture of two headstones being separated by a brick wall but connected by hands over the wall. We read and gave feedback others editorials. This was helpful because helping to edit other students papers allows you to reflect on your own paper and see different types of writing styles.


  5. athenapup4 says:

    In class excerise: Some Models
    Make sure when asking a rhetorical question that you answer too. This keeps the audience wondering what the answer is the whole time and when its not stated there’s no point in asking.
    Complete two more feedback replies like the one
    Make sure to categorize your writings with the “feedback please” category.
    It’s Not You, It’s Me:


  6. Notes 11/19/19
    -What are you nostalgic about?
    -Riddle: Who’s buried here? The two lovers are separated by religion and could not be buried together.
    -The end of late withdrawal is November 25th.
    -As a class, we peer-reviewed “The Great Leader Isn’t So Great After All” by Morra2024. Prior to reading their editorial, I did not know much about the North Korean deadlock. I knew that there were tensions of some sort, even if our President said otherwise, but I was not informed of the dishonesty. However, their editorial and Prof. Hodges explanation of your introduction helped me paint a picture in my head of what is going on with NK.


  7. voxpopuli75 says:

    – Revising other’s work can help you spot pitfalls in your own work. Looking at other’s work can also expose you to different styles of work that you could incorporate into your own writing.


  8. lg102015 says:

    Notes 11/19
    Riddle: to start off class we went over the explanation as to why people would be buried in the way it is presented above. The someone simple explanation is that it is all due to religious reasons.
    Some Models- We were asked to peer review some of the writings of our classmates
    I replied to 3 of my classmates writing:
    “The Great leader isn’t so great after-all”- My comment came from someone who did not know much about the North Korea deadlock prior to reading this piece of writing, I feel as if it has a very strong opening and throughout this work the author continuously states their points very well. I believe that personally I need more information about the parties within the deadlock. This will give me a better understanding on this situation that is going on in North Korea.
    I also responded to”‘Needs a Title” which about rappers today and how they are all shown as being involved in the thug life and involved in crime.
    The last piece of writing I peer edited was Another “needs a title” which was about the gap between men and women in todays society.
    Having my writing peer edited:
    My writing was one that was chosen for todays class and I was extremely happy with the way it turned out. I felt as it was very helpful and it makes me want to go back and edit my writing to get more feedback so my writing continues to grow and get better.


  9. bmdpiano says:


    -Picture- The two head stones separated by a wall. What could have separated them?
    -Religion separates them from being buried next to one another.

    In Class Task:
    -Reading some editorials and providing feedback based off of the proposed question.
    -We looked at Morra’s Editorial and saw how clear and concise they were when writing their editorial on North Korean Deadlock. The one criticism was that they did not explain deadlock and therefore could confuse those who did not know much about it.
    -Many comments agreed that they did a great job with the overall editorial, but that a brief explanation should be adding about deadlock to catch some people up.


  10. mpsj13 says:

    -A husband and wife were unable to be buried together because of their different religions so were both buried at the edge of their cemeteries with a standing headstone each linked by hands holding across the wall.
    Some Models
    -Several models were provided from fellow classmates to allow us to give feedback.
    -Word count in an editorial is not an issue as long as the point is made while an op-ed should near 1000 words.


  11. ahntkd99 says:

    Riddle: Who’s buried here?
    – A possible explanation that two people to be buried in this manner is for religious reasons

    End of Late Withdrawal Period NOV 25
    – Don’t wait until NOV 25 to start looking for the Withdrawal Form
    Some Models
    – Reply feedback of student’s editorial


  12. lucbe219 says:

    To begin class, we started with a nostalgic exercise to try to depict the reason behind the picture of two headstones being separated by a brick wall but connected by hands over the wall. For our second part of class, we read and gave feedback to our classmates on their editorials to give them a second or third opinion on how they can perfect their paper before the time comes where portfolios are finalized. I found this exercise to be very helpful because helping to edit other students papers allows you to reflect on your own paper when your editing it to help you grow from your previous mistakes.


  13. Valcom says:

    Notes 11/19/19
    [] Riddle – Class started with a burial riddle. We had to find out why the two tomb stones were separated. One reason why the tombs could be separated was because of religious reasons. The one cemetery could be one religion while the other person could not be that religion.
    [] Late Withdraw – If a student is in danger of failing the withdraw period is coming up very soon, its better to withdraw from a class than stay in; the grade will follow you for the rest of your degree if you do not withdraw in time if you need to.
    [] In Class Models – For a good remainder of the class we peer reviewed and discussed as a class editorials and determine the strength of opening paragraphs and statements.
    -In “Reliving a Rape,” the author LP successfully is able to create strong opening while continuing to make strong changes in the body paragraphs. In side the article its self their were just a few grammar mistakes but nothing significant.
    -In “America Needs to Stop its Opioid Addiction” the author does not support their claim with evidence, there is little support but not the best support.
    -Reading classmates articles allowed for me to understand how I could make changes to my own work. Peer-review always helps because you are able to see others work and see how they did something which can help someone else like myself write something better.


  14. ajuuy7 says:

    We learn that the tombs of two people are separated by religion. Nostalgia should have a word prestalgia to mean feeling grateful for the present and wanting to feel that moment at a different time. The class read an editorial and provided feedback and talked about whether the thesis supports the rest of the writing. To persuade and change minds is the goal of one of these writings. I think this exercise was helpful because getting to read others work allows you to look at the way other people write. I also think critiquing people and reading what the class critiques about the same work helps you as a writer learn what an audience would like to hear.


  15. 11/19
    – Who’s Buried Here?
    – Why are they separated by a wall?
    – They are separated because of their religion

    – End of late withdrawal deadline is November 25th
    – You don’t want to wait to then and surely don’t want to just skip class and not withdrawal as you can end up failing the whole course and it will be recorded on your GPA

    In Class Task
    – As a class took a look at Morra’s editorial post on “The Great Leader’ who is Kim Jung Un
    – We were given the task to determine the quality of the editorial and determine the effectiveness of it
    – Prof is doing this as help for all students as if he gives feedback to a students work during class it shows us better of what he is looking for and how we could make adjustments to our own work
    – Personally I believe Morra’s post was beautifully written and you can clearly understand their opinion from the first sentence
    – There are still some parts of the editorial that need fixing like all tend to
    – The writer has some contradicting sentences that can be fixed easily with elimination of one or two words
    – Went along and gave feedback to two more editorials of our choice
    – Helped me as a writer and a reader to understand how to depict writings

    – Most editorials, even the ones published, tend to run below the 1000 word limit
    – Editorials don’t usually need all the words that an Op-Ed would need


  16. roses0102 says:

    – Riddle: We discussed why people wouldnt be able to be buried in the same graveyard, the reason for this is because of religion
    -We previewed editorials, and gave them feedback on what we thought was well written or needs work in the writing.


  17. kraemercali says:

    riddle- whose buried? for religious reasons most likely
    not political
    late withdraw period- nov 25 if interested
    in class models- the great leader, Kim Jong un on the nuclear weaponry and the North Korean deadlock
    comment on other editorials


  18. doglover441 says:

    -Riddle: A possible explanation for two people being buried in this manner is for religious reasons which is why the two tomb stones are separated
    -The end of late withdrawal period is November 25th
    -The intro paragraph poses questions that should be answered in the following paragraphs
    -In the editorial Reliving a rape by Lg102015 my feedback was: The rest of the editorial provides more information about the situation and what circumstances the students and school were under; however, the author did not address their opinion until the last paragraph. The author should have answered the question they posed in the paragraph after they asked it. Other than that, they did a good job providing relevant information that helps the reader understand the whole picture.
    -In the editorial by Bane1900 my feedback was: The author included a lot of information about the topic of violence with rappers, however they did not show their opinion about the topic until the last paragraph and even then it was not enough to display how they really felt about the subject. There was no passion for the issue and a resolution. Overall the author did a great job of relaying the important information from the article to the reader.
    -In the editorial America Needs to Stop its Opioid Addiction by givemeclouttokens my feedback was: The author doesn’t provide much hard evidence about the topic however they state the main and important points about the subject. The author could have shown their opinion earlier in the piece, but they do include a clear opinion that is not confusing or can be misunderstood.


  19. bestbaker123 says:

    Notes 11/19/19
    – Riddle: Two people buried standing up right – could be something religious and something the 2 people desired
    Actual Answer: They are the graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband. They weren’t allowed to be buried together so they were buried on their respective sides, but they hold hands together.
    – Some Models:
    Avoid rhetorical questions but if you do, answer them immediately.
    Worked on peer review for some models to help out the writers and ourselves too.


  20. smellycat23 says:

    The riddle for today was a picture of a burial. One explanation stated in class was that it is a Christian burial where one person killed themselves but is connected to another person because they can not be buried alone. The end of the withdrawal period is November 25.
    As a class, we peer-reviewed LG’s editorial named “Reliving a Rape” and if the rest of the editorial lives up to the first paragraph. LG had a great opening paragraph but the rest of the editorial did not live up to it because the author’s point of view was stated if a rape victim should continue going to school with their rapist.
    I chose to give feedback to iamsleepy and MPSJ. Iamsleepy clearly stated their opinion on trusting a breathalyzer test that could be faulty. MPSJ wrote a good Op-Ed on gender-equal pay that could use her personal experiences to have the reader relate to her article more.
    I am happy I was able to look at my classmates’ articles because some advice I gave them I could use in my own article.


  21. iamsleepy01 says:

    – Riddle: I think that it was a couple, one of which is a Christian and the other is not.
    – If a rhetorical question is in the editorial it has to be answered or never have a rhetorical question.
    – As long as the editorial completes its job, it doesn’t matter how short it is.


  22. lelebxby says:

    Class Notes – 11/19/19
    Riddle: Who’s buried here?
    – We discussed the explanation as to why two people would be buried together while simultaneously not being in the same cemetery.
    Some Models
    -Today in class, we peer reviewed three editorials to discuss if they’re openings and thesis carry throughout the rest of the paper.
    -In “Reliving a Rape,” the author does a fairly good job at making the rest of the editorial as strong as the opening. Besides minor grammar errors, my only critique is that the author should have stated their opinion of the matter more clearly in their thesis instead of waiting until the last paragraph.
    -In “America Needs to Stop its Opioid Addiction,” their radical premise is carried very well through out the editorial. The author’s opinion of the matter is very original and bold and does a great job at elaborating on the subject.
    -In the untitled editorial about rappers violent tendencies, Bane highlights occurrences that illustrate the problem of the trends and music of rappers. For example, the author wrote about the rappers Tekashi69 and DaBaby, saying how their violent behaviors lead to convictions of federal racketeering and firearms and a misdemeanor for carrying a concealed weapon. By showing these real life examples of the problem, it puts the reader into perspective what the consequences truly are.


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