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Facial Recognition has taken away our rights of humanity. We longer have the rights we deserve as a human being. Disruption of the 4th amendment, the right of us the people being secured and protected against unreasonable searches and seizures. As years progress, the rate in which facial recognition has sprung out of hand and being mishandled has inflated. The initial use of this technology was used in identifying faces effectively. The issue presently becomes the invasion of privacy with people who have rights. Technology advancement today continues to grow meanwhile it can also be harmful to society as it evolves.

Facial Recognition is now being used in identifying persons who made be found relatively close in appearance for criminal searches. Having law enforcement databases explore many different faces and based off looks holding them responsible. This not only brings confusion and bring for in justice of innocent people that can be held accountable for crimes not committed due to “close matches.” In an article called, “4 Ways to Avoid Facial Recognition Online and In Public,” by Georgina Torbet, she explains how facial recognition can be used as an alternative in solving crime but can also be of harm. It states, “That means you could be identified as someone else. Or you could find yourself accused of a crime actually committed by another person”. False incrimination can be as a result of using this technology. Innocent people are now getting involved in crimes that they did not commit due to this technology. In the article, “You’re In A Police Line-Up, Right Now,” by Clare Garvie states, ” Police databases now feature the faces of nearly half of Americans — most of whom have no idea their image is there. The invasive technology violates citizens’ constitutional rights and is subject to an alarming level of manipulation and bias. “This supports the injustice that is taken place behind closed doors. The idea of law enforcement used entrusted sources and taken photos of individuals and going through them is sickening. Non consenting images of innocent people are being surfed through each in everyday in search of criminal acts that people have no business in. The rate the corrupted use of facial recognition has ultimately increased is devastating that in now has individuals finding ways to hide their identity. A page was found that displays ways to hide your identity from face identification technologies. A series of ways to protect your own rights are beginning to surface to help protect are faces from being sabotaged. When precautions are starting to get brought to light this simply shows that the rate this technology usage has tremendously escalated. The law enforcements should have the courtesy to at least respecting our personal rights with no violations.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    There are many ideas here in a somewhat coherent form, but the pervasive grammar, spelling, syntax, and usage errors make almost every sentence problematic.


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