CORE VALUE 1: My Letter to the Editor draft and portfolio versions demonstrate core value number one by being written in a multi-stage and social process. From starting the writing process with only one bulky paragraph that had jumping ideas, I submitted the portfolio version after constructing five simpler paragraphs each with their own idea. With the assistance of class comments during my revision period, I stretched my ideas out and hunted for supporting evidence for each one.

CORE VALUE 2: After plenty of revisions and deep reading, my Editorial most closely resembles the meaning behind core value number two by incorporating other public texts alongside the initial article. This critical reading helped me to format my final draft so that it is full of logical information to support my idea of the US governments idea to further cut the SNAP Program. In my editorial draft, I was lacking lots of important key points, such as the official name for the government program, to support my argument which made my paper challenging to follow. While seeking more articles to grasp a better understanding of the issue at hand, my final revision included all of the key points needed to make my claims accurately and with the correct supporting facts.

CORE VALUE 3: My Letter to the Editor demonstrates core value number three by following closely the requests of audience editors who assisted me in creating a solid argument. For instance, the main concept discussed how disastrous it will be if the nation does not start taking mental health seriously. In grasping the full idea of this core value, the purpose of Letters to the Editor is to become published by expressing the voices of others. I amplified how important mental health is by explaining my personal experiences of how it has hindered my ability to live my life. This bold statement is used to ensure the publishing of my paper since readers gravitate towards stories. The use of audience editors and a drive to get published with accurate context encouraged a strong final piece where I incorporated key points to better persuade my readers.

CORE VALUE 4: To create a better version of a short paper, the use of robust verbs to enhance the piece helped me achieve core value number four. The paper discussed the extensive amounts of heroin caused crimes in Vancouver along with heroin addiction epidemic that is currently at an all time high. By cutting out unclear verbs and exchanging them with more direct verbs, like “by providing” instead of “it did,” the impression left on the audience will further persuade them to acknowledge how critical the issue is becoming before it is too late to be changed.

CORE VALUE 5: My Op-Ed explaining whether the death penalty should continue to be used for current day crimes precisely explains the ideas behind core value number five. The quotes I incorporated into the text were fair along with the citations that were used. Both helped me to alert my readers of the many problems with the death penalty, and how it should be changed for the better. As a result of my seemingly harsh idea to keep prisoners in jail for life instead of allowing execution, some readers who oppose the idea may question the purpose of my paper.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Left yourself a little work to do, Lucbe. 🙂


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