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Are We In Danger Of Losing Our Freedom?

Facial recognition software has exceedingly invaded the privacy of us law abiding citizens to the point of us losing our ‘freedom’. Citizens are unknowingly being tracked by the US government through this insane technology. The disappointing reality is that most citizens don’t even know about this current issue going around. With this technology growing out of control, restrictions must be enforced due to our constitutional rights being violated.

One may think this isn’t a huge deal as they won’t be able to find private information about them, but the cruel reality is that the government and these companies are passing around facial recognition images and discovering the hidden backgrounds of us citizens. Being at risk of having everything you thought was once private being spread so that you can be identified wherever you go is insane. Us law abiding citizens are being tracked for flat out no reason. This software has the power to ruin anyone’s life because it could falsely accuse someone of a crime they haven’t committed and the only reason being the a facial recognition software got you mixed up with someone else.

What we believe the government knows about us is completely wrong as they know practically everything about us. Who knows… we may even end up as a duplicate of China in the near future with the technology being built today. The government already has insane control over us law abiding citizens, so what makes you think they won’t consistently exceed the limits of our privacy just so that they can enforce safety. It’s already taking place in China as the citizens their are given zero privacy as they are always being facially recognized and tracked. What is currently known as the free country we live in today may soon be taken over by the government and technology.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Basically a single claim based on no cited evidence, one that could be made well in a single paragraph, expanded through repetition into three paragraphs. Very rhetorical but not much else.


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