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Mukesh K. Jain, Tadataka Yamada and Robert Lefkowitz’s article, “We Need More Doctors Who Are Scientists,” shows how easy it is to speak about a problem without giving a solution, or why the problem exists in the first place. As a young adult who is nearing the end of my education, I have experienced what the school systems do to encourage studies of science. The effort for children to pursue a path that interests them most is great. Where the effort for creativity is vacant is where kids spend the most time, at home. From my experience, the most important aspect of education was to grow up and get a job. A job produces money and money leads to prosperity. With these lessons I had to pick the option most viable to achieve success, that being business. A field that includes my favorite subject and almost guarantees me paychecks in the future. Where I was not guided was to pursue my interest in physics. This is the route of the problem.

Where the authors of this article show inaccuracies in their research is when they say, “Nonetheless, the number of young doctors pursuing research continues to wane,”. This is an incorrect statement as the second most pursued major is health professions and related programs. In this major the basis of most classes are research, analyzing data, using the scientific method, etc. If Science based research for health studies is the second most pursued major and study then how could that number “wane”? There is no research that doctors are doing less research. All the authors do is complain that there hasn’t been a scientific breakthrough recently.

If a child shined in school and excelled in every aspect of science then by all means its a filed to be pursued. Or if it’s a child’s dream to help people then the medical field is perfect. Otherwise what interests people most is the best way to make money. That is why the business major is one of the most saturated fields to study. In order to have more people pursue a career in science and science research, all the country needs to do is pay them higher salary.

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