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Thesis : You better think twice before going to college in America, it may end up costing you an arm and a leg. More than $1 trillion in debt has been accumulated by over 8 million students in the United States to date. Buying a house or supporting a family are being forced to the back burner for these young college graduates after they are plagued with the debt of their college education. Dreams of becoming active members of society and leading a financially stable life are getting out of reach. And it needs to be fixed.

Background and evidence:

Student loan debt is crippling the lives of young adults trying to earn an honest living for themselves, and in some cases families. The systems that are in place to help pay back these debts are not only confusing, but barely helpful. The programs currently in place take up to twenty percent of one’s income which takes tolls on the person’s financial well being.

Some of the systems that are in place that can be utilized through employers are swept underneath the rug and may people who would qualify for reception are unaware that such programs even exist. The different plans are often confusing and hard to navigate, which lead many to not use the plans that would benefit them the most and in some cases end up paying double what they could be paying. These high payments just add to the expenses Americans hve to live with everyday. Medical bills are often too expensive to be paid so loans have to be taken out to pay the, making the hole even deeper.



Some of the plans are far too expensive and would worsen the situation of others. The problem isn’t so easily fixed

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Your writing plan was a disaster, but I’m giving you a B for showing the wisdom to abandon it.


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