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Vancouver has a growing heroin epidemic in which addicts are committing more crime when they could not get their hands on heroin. Addicts would do anything to get heroin such as: Stealing, breaking and entering, and murder. The program that is trying to combat the issue is “free heroin for addicts”, the program is trying to decrease the crime rate and save the city from crimes committed by the addicts. The problem with the program is that it does not help addicts get off heroin and give the addicts heroin to fuel their addiction. By providing the heroin, the addicts will not be on the streets committing crimes and keep them out of the hospital. Hospitals are getting tried of addicts coming in every time and the addicts could not afford to pay the bills. Instead of helping the addicted to stand up and beat it, they are helping them fuel their addiction.

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2 Responses to Robust Verbs — iamsleepy01

  1. davidbdale says:

    Clever condensing but you introduce many new grammar and syntax problems of your own.


  2. davidbdale says:

    Want to categorize this to make it easier to find, please?


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