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“They just weren’t ready to think about cyberattacks in 2010” Ivo H. Daalder stated. It has been 5 short years since Obama’s first term and “It’s a measure of how far we’ve come on this issue that theres now a consensus that a cyberattack could be as devastating as any other kind of attack, maybe even more so.” This is explained in the article “NATO Set to Ratify Pledge on Joint Defense in Case of Major Cyberattack.” Author David E. Sanger explains that since cyberattacks are rapidly growing as a strong option or form of war; NATO is pledging that any cyberattack on one of them could be declared an attack on all of them. It is also noted in this article that NATO’s own ability to defend against computer attacks is “still pretty basic.” But the point is not to be the expert on cyberattacks; The point is for the 28 members of NATO to be united, so if the time comes, no one nation or country is completely defenseless.

Now in Blunden’s letter to the editor – “Tracing Cyberattacks” he makes a valid point when explaining that it is extremely easy to fake threats; meaning we could waste time and money trying to stop a fake attack. However Blunden gives no alternate option, because of that his letter proves to be ineffective. Blunden also points out imperfections in the original article that had already admitted their plan is not complete; The original article explains it is just a start in their defense against cyberattacks. Therefore it does not adequately identify a real problem, rather just the possibility of a problem with Sanger’s original position on cyber warfare.


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