LTE Homework—iamsleepy

This letter had in my opinion, all the 10 of the components. The letter has the citations of the article that the author is replying to. In the first paragraph, the author talks about many millions of low wage earners that are waiting on their paychecks, working long hours, and spending little time with their families because of the time they spent on working that pays to little. Also he/she talks about the greed of corporate executives and how they are shameless to incorporate the idea of just in time scheduling. He/she had credibility: 65 year old employee, underpaid, second job, and cut paychecks. The premise of the letter is the labor concept called “just in time scheduling” and the Labor Department’s job report. He/she the supports the problem by talking about job creations and increased wages. He/she also talks about the millions of workers that are underpaid waiting for next weeks schedule to post. The truth is the “I begrudge no man and want everyone to do well. But that rosy portrait of job creation and increased wages is not borne out by the realities many of us live with. Certainly not in my hometown and certainly not among the millions of workers waiting for next week’s schedule to post”(McCauley). The hope is the questions to the president and maybe a change will be coming when the president see the views of low wage workers. The author talks about when the president talks about how he is making jobs for Americans, that they should make the world more even. He/she make up good points about low wage workers and the questions really made me want to boycott for them.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Solid work but not exemplary. Contains too much “talks about” language without actual claims, for example: “The premise of the letter is the labor concept called “just in time scheduling” and the Labor Department’s job report,” which names the topic but says nothing about it.


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