LTE Homework-LG102015

After thoroughly reading the article, An Hourly Worker’s Questions for the President, I concluded that this letter to the editor has all the qualifications it would need to get published. When reading this article, you quickly grasp the authors point of view and how he feels about the author, because he uses the 10 components so well.

The author starts off the article with a citation right away. This lets us know that the author was talking specifically about the article Reviving the American Working Class. He then proceeds to cover the objection, clarification, and credentials. As he then goes through the article we learn what his argument really is. The author explains to us his life style and how he is effected by the president and his decisions as a low-wage earner. While expressing the authors argument, he is creating a premise which gives him another part of the 10 credentials he needs in order to be published.

After doing so, the author wraps up the article with a conclusion, where he pulls in the presidents views on the matter and calls out what he can do to help and fix the problem. Not only does he call on the president, but he calls on the rest of the United States to get up and do something to fix the problems for the low-wage earners of America.

This article was a very good example of what a proper Letter to the editor is suppose to be. It covers all the components that are needed to do what a letter to the editor is suppose to do….get published. Throughout the article the author even covers some of the components more then once. This makes it a much more compelling article and makes me agree with McCauley and all the points that he made.


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  1. davidbdale says:

    Very strong analysis and language use, LG, except where it’s hopelessly vague, as in this declaration which talks ABOUT the author’s position without at all describing it: “The author explains to us his life style and how he is effected by the president and his decisions as a low-wage earner.”


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