In the letter “An Hourly Worker’s Questions for the President” by Joseph Henderson, he uses ten essential components to persuade readers to gain consciousness and recognize the job conditions in America today. The author directly opens up with a citation, ‘RE “Reviving the American Working Class”, allowing the reader to understand what made Henderson want to write this letter.  His objection and clarification were not very clear but he was still able to get his point across to the reader.

Henderson establishes his credentials stating ” I am a 65-year-old hourly employee at a hotel…” He then goes on and depicts how others in the American population can relate to how he feels. He has his premise as well as the truth and support. The premise of the letter is stated in the second paragraph, “…dehumanizing labor concept called ‘just in time scheduling’…” Henderson explains to the reader that conditions are becoming worse and exemplifies examples from his own hometown that new job creations and increased wages have not been established.

Henderson gives truth and hope when he asks three questions to the president like, “just where in America can these jobs be found?” or ” Will these jobs allow a person to buy a little house and a raise a family?”. He strongly demonstrates his emotions in the letter creating a persuasive argument where he claims that Americans need to do better and help fix this current issue with job conditions.


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  1. davidbdale says:

    Imagination, in your post, more than in any other i’ve read, we get a sense of what the letter was actually about. Good work.


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