LTE Homework-lucbe219

Joseph Henderson’s letter of September 01 clearly explained his aggravation toward the presidents claim of decreased unemployment rates in the United States. Throughout his letter to the editor, Henderson points out that he is perplexed and in disagreement with the presidents remarks on unemployment when he asks his three questions of: where the jobs are, what they plan to provide to their employees, and if any type of benefits intend on being offered. To clear up any confusion the readers may have had about unemployment in America while reading the article, Henderson included his personal experience with limited working hours. He explained who he was and how he was important to the situation of unemployment when he said “I am a 65-year-old hourly employee at a hotel in Durham, N.C.” (Henderson 1). An important supporting fact he provided from his own personal experience was that many of the people in his hometown are either unemployed or do not receive enough hours on their work schedules to support themselves along with their families. A statement he added to explain the truth behind his claim was that millions of Americans are patiently waiting for their next work schedules to post because they fear that they may not be able to work that week to provide for their families. Henderson wants people to start questioning the presidents remarks when he makes claims about the unemployment in our country. He also believes that the country and the people are better than to believe words without seeing the reality of the situation. Joseph Henderson’s letter uses the ten essential components to persuade it’s readers to open their eyes about the situations in the world instead of just listening to what the authorities are preaching to the public.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Strong analysis, Lucbe. Apostrophe problems.


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