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Babies Cry for Drugs, Not Milk

To The Editor:


In Nicholas Kristof’s September 7th, 2019 article “These Newborn Babies Cry for Drugs, Not Milk,” this article argues that there are no solutions about drugs, even though many newborns are exposed to drugs and are struggling to struggle in America. Every 15 minutes, newborns are born exposed to drugs, and the mothers of these babies are drug addicts. Drugs are easily exposed to newborns as well as to ordinary life.

              As a member of American society, I feel how serious the drug problem is. Adults and teens are also seeking drugs easily. Also, people can get drugs easily in my state, even though it is illegal. In this article said “A single pharmacy in Kermit, W.V., sold more than 13 million over those seven years.” The problem with drugs gets worse by selling them in easily accessible places. Despite the growing number of drug addicts, hospitals are unlikely to cure them because they are difficult to treat and are unlikely to succeed. Babies who is born after a prenatal exposure to opioids, they can’t eat, sleep and live in pain. The hospital provides these babies with morphine. If babies take this medicine, it may work for a short time, but they are addicted to this medicine, which is causing a more vicious cycle of other problems later.

              McKinsey and Company, the global consulting company reported that “the opioid crisis will worsen over the next three to five years.” The government have to tighten penalties for those who sell drugs, as well as revise laws related to drugs. In addition, hospitals must discuss treatment for drug addicts and try to make them cure.







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