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To the Editor:

Re: “Yes, Texting While Walking Is Relatively Safe. (But Still Annoying)”. Publishes Sep. 6 2019


As a college student at Rowan University, I have experienced instances whereby I have seen students who have walked to class while texting and this is very much a distraction. Many students are constantly rushing to class trying to make it on time and still remain attached to their phoikkne causing them to bump into and shove others accidentally. People holler “I’m sorry”, as they mistakenly walk into another person due to lack of concentration.

Micheal Gold’s narrow-minded article regarding texting and walking claims that statistics show that walking and texting does not cause any harm. According to National Data, ” Distracted walking is a very minor contributor to pedestrian death”. I totally disagree, if something takes away your attention you are not aware of things surrounding you. A study from “Harvard Business Review”, says that “only 2% of people can multitask successfully”. With these stats if one cant multitask then how can texting and walking not put an individual into harms way. People lose there lives every second due to texting and driving which they believe is multitasking so how can someone who walks on a side walk not have a higher risk of accidents happening when they are not fully aware of there surroundings. Micheal then expresses that texting and walking is “annoying”. No this is dangerous, studies should be proving why there should be and end to texting and driving not how it isn’t of any harm to walkers.

As society progresses we should be focusing on how to make this world a safer and better place, not by finding excuses to support unreasonable behavior. The little time one takes to walk from one place to another isn’t that valuable to be putting yourself in harms way. In following article’s I hope for Micheal Gold to restate his claim because it is illogical. We should decrease the use of texting and walking instead of backing it up with why is should be proven as “right”.

Joyce Fadahunsi

Glassboro, New Jersey

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  1. davidbdale says:

    You didn’t ask for feedback on this post, Hershey, which is unfortunate because I could have spared you some problems. For example, it’s not persuasive to dispute statistics from a reputable source based on your personal belief as in, “According to National Data, “Distracted walking is a very minor contributor to pedestrian death”. I disagree because if something takes away your attention, you are no longer fully aware of your surroundings.
    You also leave behind many punctuation and construction errors such as this one that makes it sound as if you believe texting while walking is just annoying (not your position): instead of arguing [that] it should be considered as “harmful” instead of “annoying”.
    Periods ALWAYS go inside the quotation marks.


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