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To the Editor:

Re:” The trick to Keep Life Moving” Published on September 7th, 2019 by Devi Lockwood described a very good friendship she had with a much older woman. Devi and Cora had an age gap of 51 years. In Lockwoods letter, she did not highlight the importance of friendships during your high school and college years, saying while they might be important, they might not be the most fulfilling. She highlighted more of deeper topics, such as death and the meaning of life. While some people have a niche for these topics, it can be a lot for someone who is a younger because making friends in the same age group is much more relatable and overall the longest lasting friendships.

Being a freshman in college, I can understand how important friendships are and that its hard to establish within the first week or two of being in a different environment. I relate to Lockwood in the sense that this was the person was her best friend and they were inseparable. I personally have a very close friend and we have been friends since before we can remember, when we were younger we would always hangout because we weren’t in school yet and didn’t have many other friends. I enjoyed Lockwoods personal story about her plans to travel the world, because me and my best friend share the same dream. We grew up together and had very similar lives which made us closer and also when we made friends they were all the same age group. Lockwood never said the importance of having friends the same age of you or even having other friends.

Lockwood approach is much different the the traditional friendship. She also had similar interests to this person which helped their friendship thrive. I can’t say for myself that I have experienced an older friendship but I can say that making friend throughout high school and college is very necessary for a support system that can always be there for you.

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