LTE – Rough Draft

In the letter to the editor of the article, “gun violence“, the author does not state any sort of different argument to be made. There is no expression of a unique opinion by the author. The author states an opinion that has been stated and copied many times over. The author has not provided the reader with anything new and anything of value. What the author needs to do next time is to express an opinion that has something that stands out. His experience is the only attribute of the letter that keeps it afloat. His experience catches the reader’s attention, conveying a sense of empathy within the reader. The author does paint a vivid picture with his words to express this opinion of his he has to recycle, but what he says literally brings no value into the readers life. What the author is saying is that we have lost our empathy as a Nation, but this is an obvious point to make at a time like this.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    What’s the deal with the Private posts, Tokens? If you’re trying to hide them, you’ve been pretty successful at evading notice. Trouble is, you’re also evading feedback, revisions, and improvements to your posts.


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