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The truth is finally coming out about the downside of vape products. They just recently have become popular among late teens and early adults so no one could have known what the long term effects would equate to. This age group has began showing up in hospitals with a number of different symptoms including vomiting, fever and shortness of breath.  Researchers are unsure of what could be causing these symptoms. Nicotine and THC are mixed with powerful chemicals and oils to get them to vaporize. Oils are very dangerous to inhale and cause damage to your lungs. 

This generation was unfortunate in discovering e-cigarettes and vaporized marijuana and is now paying the price. E-cigarettes are known to be the lesser version of smoking a cigarette. So, kids being kids did not think the known effects of cigarettes would relate to them after using these products. THC, the chemical in marijuana, is used for multiple reasons to help patients in medical marijuana but turning this chemical into a vapor is not looking good. Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration thinks the outbreak is related to vaping THC products because of the flavors or other possible add-ins. 

The scariest part is the regulations for these products. Marijuana is legal to be sold for recreational or medical purposes in 33 states along with THC oil. Yet still the Food and Drug Administration does not inspect THC products. The oils within today’s e-cigarettes and THC chemicals are not meant for being vaporized. Today’s youth needs to soon realize that they are going down the same path if not worse with the older generations and cigarettes. 

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Very hard to tell if you blame legitimate branded vaping devices or the bootleg products that reuse the devices to deliver THC with oils. We should be able to tell which one you mean.


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